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Pearson IIT Foundation Series | Physics | Class-10

  • Provides learner-friendly content, application-analysis based questions and hints and explanations for strong foundation
  • Uses a graded approach to generate, build and retain interest in concepts and knowledge assimilation


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About This Book
  • The new and updated edition of the Pearson IIT Foundation Series continues to be a source of comprehensive and reliable content for competitive readiness. Conceptual clarity and gaining mastery over the art of problem-solving are the central themes of the series. To ensure this, the series has lucid content along with neatly-sketched diagrams and real-life application-based example.

    This is an indispensable companion for all aspirants aiming t succeed in key entranceexaminations, like Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), Olympiads-Junior/Senior/International, Kishore VaigyanikProtsahanYojana (KVPY), etc.

    The series consists of textbooks and practice books for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for classes 6-10


    • Key concepts explained in a learner-friendly manner
    • Application-based problems, graded by difficulty, leading to conceptual clarity
    • Solved examples presented in a logical and step-wise manner for each concept
    • ‘Test your Concepts’ section at the end of every chapter to check progress
    • Hints and Explanation for key questions along with common mistake and how to avoid them

ISBN: 9789353430924
SKU: 9789353430924
Publisher: PEARSON
Publish Date: 2018
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