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    Hodder Economics IGCSE and O Level Study and Revision Guide 2nd edition for Cambridge International by: Paul Hoang, Margaret Ducie, 1,421.00 1,210.00

    Hodder Economics IGCSE and O Level Study and Revision Guide 2nd edition for Cambridge International By Paul Hoang, Margaret Ducie

    Send students into their exam with the confidence to achieve their maximum potential using step-by-step guidance that helps to practise skills learned and improve exam technique.
    – Avoid common misconceptions with frequent mistakes highlighted throughout
    – Build students’ skills constructing and writing answers with a range of practice and exam-style questions
    – Easily identify areas for improvement with the answers in the back of the book
    – Help students target their revision and focus on important concepts and skills with key objectives at the beginning of every chapter
    – Ensure that students maximise their time in the exam by including examiner’s tips and suggestions on how to approach questions

    This Study and Revision Guide has been updated for the latest syllabus for examination from 2020. This title has not been through the Cambridge Assessment International Education endorsement process.


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    Teaching and Assessing Skills in Economics by: Susan Grant 995.00 796.00


    The handbooks provide clear practical and up-to-date guidance teaching and assessing skills across a range of core subject areas for IGCSE and O Level;they can also be used by teachers delivering local syllabuses in the subject. They offer ideas and strategies for effective classroom practice, the setting of coursework, assessing students’ work and the integration of different skills.

    Teaching and Assessing skills in Economics is written by an experienced teacher trainer and examiner. The first chapter introduces the aims of the book and consider the benefits of studying Economics. Chapter 2 sets out the key skills for Economics students to develop. Chapter 3 suggests some practicable approaches to interpreting a syllabus and planning a course of study.Chapter 4 examines teaching strategies that are centered upon active learning. Chapters 5-7 deal with the main types of assessment and the skills required by students to undertake them successfully. Chapter 8 focuses on revision strategies and examination preparation. Finally, Chapter 9 appraises a range of teaching resources.