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    Business Studies Fourth Edition by: Alain Anderton, Dave Hall, Rob Jones, Carlo Raffo, 5,445.00 1,995.00

    Business Studies Fourth Edition By Dave Hall, Rob Jones,Carlo Raffo, Alain Anderton

    This bestselling textbook has been extensively revised, reorganised and updated for the AS and A Level Business Studies specifications from September 2008. The 4th edition of this market-leading text from the respected and trusted team of authors – Dave Hall, Carlo Raffo and Rob Jones – now includes the additional expertise of Alain Anderton to give you the best resources for you and your students.

    Fourth edition suitable for ALL boards – including IB, OCR and Edexcel.

    • Gives you confidence in the quality of the texts by giving you resources written by an experienced, authoritative and respected team of examiners and course developers – Dave Hall, Carlo Raffo, Rob Jones – and now including bestselling author Alain Anderton.
    • Provides comprehensive coverage of all specifications including Edexcel, OCR, and IB.
    • Helps students achieve the best results with full coverage of all the new assessment objectives, plus short answer, data response and case study questions that follow the new assessment style.
    • Motivates students with the latest theory and practice that focuses on today’s business issues and critique sections that encourage debate.
    • Enhances the clarity of diagrams, figures, tables and charts with the engaging full colour design.
    • New Edition is also available
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    Business Studies Third Edition by: Dave Hall, Rob Jones, Carlo Raffo, 795.00 636.00

    Business Studies (Third Edition) By Dave Hall, Rob Jones,Carlo Raffo

    Business Studies (Third Edition) is a  bestselling textbook for AS/A Level, Higher Grade, GCE Applied Business, higher education and professional courses. It has been extensively revised to cover the latest  specifications, assessment criteria and business developments in the twenty first century. It provides comprehensive course coverage and includes over 500 questions and activities. The book represents an ideal package – textbook and workbook combined.

    Divided into units. Each unit focuses on a topic. This allows courses to be constructed with complete flexibility. Units contain:

    • comprehensive content coverage
    • explanatory diagrams
    • questions which allow the development of knowledge and skills throughout the unit
    • an extended case study to practise and encourage successful examination technique, including application, analysis and evaluation skills
    • key terms defining concepts first encountered in that unit
    • short answer knowledge-based questions as a revision of the unit.

    At the end of the book there are two units providing advice for students on study skills and assessment.

    New Edition is also available