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    Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology Digital Teacher’s Resource by: David Martindill, MARY JONES, Matthew Parkin,

    Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology Digital Teacher’s Resource By David Martindill, Mary Jones, Matthew Parkin

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    This digital teacher’s resource is the perfect companion to the coursebook and workbooks, helping you bridge the gap between teaching theory and practice. It helps you support your learners, plan great lessons and teach to the syllabus. Including a guide to practicals, the resource provides a variety of active lesson ideas with timings. There is support to develop and enhance students’ investigative skills, with a step-by-step approach tailored to syllabus objectives. For each topic there are lesson ideas, wrap-up and reflection tips, and differentiation support. Activity ideas, provide extra content and suggestions for hinge questions to support assessment for learning.

    • Introduction
    • Teaching Strategies
    • Planning Guidance
    • Teaching Notes per Chapter & Topic
    • Support for Practicals
    • Answers to questions in resources

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    Collins Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology Student Book by: Mike Smith, Michael Smyth, David Martindill, 4,256.00 3,830.00

    Collins Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology Student Book  by David Martindill , Michael Smyth , Mike Smith

    promotes a rich and deep understanding of the 9700 syllabus (for examination from 2022) and development of practical skills.

    This Student’s Book provides in depth coverage of the Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology syllabus. This text was written by experts in their field and allows students to develop practical skills in a range of contexts, deepen understanding of key concepts and make links between topics. Students are given regular opportunities to practice and revisit skills and understanding, and evaluate their learning throughout the course.

    Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International Education
    First teaching: 2020; First examination: 2022

    · Develop and strengthen practical skills throughout with assignments and experimental skills features and regular opportunities to handle, apply and evaluate data
    · Deepen understanding by making connections between topics. The prior understanding reviews and end of chapter mind maps provide starting points to build upon
    · Build self-awareness and take control of learning using the questions and opportunities for reflection throughout the book
    · Strengthen and challenge with questions requiring deeper engagement and thinking skills
    · Prepare for examinations with exam-style questions
    · A Teacher’s Guide is also available to buy as a digital download. Full teacher support includes syllabus mapping, notes on common misconceptions, a wealth of activities including those to develop practical skills, and regular assessments including prior knowledge reviews, mid-chapter formative and end of chapter exam-style summative tests. Please see for more information.

    This resource is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2022.