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    IB Psychology Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Programme by: Alexey Popov, Lee Parker, 2,590.00 2,072.00

    IB Psychology Course Book: Oxford IB Diploma Programme By Alexey Popov,Lee ParkerDarren Seath

    Comprehensively updated for the latest syllabus, for first teaching September 2017, and developed directly with the IB, the second edition of this popular Psychology Course Book provides thorough coverage of all core and optional units at Standard and Higher Level, as well as assessment preparation support. Engaging, full-colour activities and in-depth, international case studies bring the theory to life, while structured opportunities for critical thinking and concept-based learning help to develop enquiring and independent learners. Clear and accessible language, a robust reference section, support for the Internal Assessment and TOK links ensure that all learners progress through the DP Psychology course with confidence.


    • Understand and address changes to the DP Psychology syllabus, for first teaching September 2017, using the only resource directly developed with the IB
    • Bring theory to life with engaging, full-colour activities and in-depth, international case studies and examples
    • Develop enquiring and independent learners using structured opportunities for critical thinking and concept-based learning
    • Support all learners with clear and accessible language and a robust reference section
    • Build long-term exam confidence with targeted assessment support
    • Make connections across the DP programme with regular links to Theory of Knowledge and reference to ATL skills.
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    Oxford IB Diploma Programme: IB Course Preparation Psychology Student Book by: Lee Parker 1,490.00 1,192.00

    Oxford IB Diploma Programme: IB Course Preparation Psychology Student Book by Darren Seath,Lee Parker

    Directly linked to Oxford’s bestselling DP Psychology resources, this new Course Preparation resource thoroughly prepares students to meet the demands of IB Diploma Programme Psychology.

    Ideal for students who have studied non-IB courses at pre-16 level, the text introduces learners to the IB approach, terminology and skills.


    • With a full introduction to the skills, approaches and concepts at DP level, students will make real-world connections to their subject in order to thoroughly prepare them for their Diploma Programme course
    • Ensure that all learners begin with the same level of understanding through a rigorous review of the fundamental subject knowledge expected from students, including the use of IB terminology
    • Build critical thinking and skill development that will support the students’ ability in analysis and apply this to their student driven investigations
    • For thorough preparation to the DP, scaffold thinking by making connections to ATL, TOK, and the IB Learner Profile