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    Business Management 4th Edition Paul Hoang by: Paul Hoang 5,500.00 4,990.00

    Business Management 4th Edition By Paul Hoang

    This is the fourth edition (2018) of Paul Hoang’s bestselling textbook, covering the new IB Diploma specifications in Business Management (first exams May 2016) in a critical and holistic way. The content has been revised and updated throughout to match the new course. Full colour. Addressing the new course. Over: 225 exam-style questions. 700 key terms identified and defined. 125 examination tips. 125 Theory of Knowledge questions. 70 IB Learner Profile connections. 70 CUEGIS essays. Review questions. Exam mistakes to avoid. Case Studies. CUEGIS conceptual themes Further Information (click to download) : Contents Sample Pages Reviews: “Can I just start off by saying that you are my idol! Your chapter on marketing in the business management textbook for IB students (3rd edition) inspired me to pursue marketing in my future studies… I would really like to thank you for putting all your effort into this book and giving us IB students a very clear and helpful book. I would not have been able to get through this BM course without your in depth explanations and up-to-date and relatable examples. This book has also helped us understand concepts easily. I really appreciate you for being an inspiration to us young students and helping us realize our dreams” “I am writing you this email with my friend…we used your book for our IB Business Management HL class. The book was our companion during our sleepless nights as it guided us through our IA and EE papers. Both of us are majoring in business in universities now and we just wanted to say that your book has tremendously helped and prepared us in our current studies. Thank you for your contributions to our academic success. We hope you continue to motivate future students with your exceptional works”

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    Business Management for the IB Diploma Quantitative Skills Workbook by: Paul Hoang

    Reinforce and improve your students mathematical skills for the compulsory quantitative questions with this write-in workbook.
    – Aid understanding of the syllabus requirements with questions presented in context of their topics, allowing students to better understand what the question is asking of them and what mathematical calculations they need to use.
    – Provide plenty of opportunities to practice quantitative skills, techniques, methods and questions with exam-style questions and a mock exam practice paper.
    – Enable exam success with tips and useful examiner hints.
    – Answers available at the back of the book.

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    Business Management for the IB Diploma Study and Revision Guide by: Paul Hoang 2,139.00 1,604.00

    This Study and Revision Guide will ensure you approach your exams feeling confident and prepared through the help of accurate and accessible notes, examiner advice, and exam-style questions on each key topic.

    – Practise and check your understanding on a range of Exam Practice questions
    – Be aware of the essential points with key terms and facts for each topic
    – Discover what you need to achieve certain grades with advice and tips, including common mistakes to avoid.

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    Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics Second Edition by: Paul Hoang, Margaret Ducie, 1,995.00


    Discover Economics as a real-world subject through case studies from around the world and provide in-depth coverage of the latest Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics syllabuses (0455/2281).

    – Trust an experienced author team to navigate the syllabuses confidently with clearly-defined learning objectives throughout.
    – Deepen understanding by applying knowledge to real-life global case studies.
    – Extend learning beyond the classroom by reflecting on skills learned and applying them to local and global environments.
    – Check understanding with engaging activities that thoroughly integrate deep learning skills.
    – Benefit from language support with an accessible text and definitions of technical terms throughout.
    – Consolidate learning with chapter reviews and examination-style questions, as well as useful links to extra activities and answers to the questions which are available in the Online.

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    Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics Study and Revision Guide 2nd edition by: Paul Hoang 1,343.00 1,007.00

    Send students into their exam with the confidence to achieve their maximum potential using step-by-step guidance that helps to practise skills learned and improve exam technique.
    – Avoid common misconceptions with frequent mistakes highlighted throughout
    – Build students’ skills constructing and writing answers with a range of practice and exam-style questions
    – Easily identify areas for improvement with the answers in the back of the book
    – Help students target their revision and focus on important concepts and skills with key objectives at the beginning of every chapter
    – Ensure that students maximise their time in the exam by including examiner’s tips and suggestions on how to approach questions

    This Study and Revision Guide has been updated for the latest syllabus for examination from 2020. This title has not been through the Cambridge Assessment International Education endorsement process.


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    Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics Workbook 2nd edition by: Paul Hoang, Margaret Ducie, 746.00 560.00

    This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2020.

    Reinforce learning and deepen understanding of the key concepts covered in the latest syllabus; an ideal course companion or homework book for use throughout the course.

    – Develop and strengthen skills and knowledge with a wealth of additional exercises that perfectly supplement the Student’s Book.
    – Build confidence with extra practice for each lesson to ensure that a topic is thoroughly understood before moving on.
    – Consolidate knowledge and skills with exercises based on authentic contexts and problems.
    – Keep track of students’ work with ready-to-go write-in exercises.
    – Save time with all answers available in the Online Teacher’s Guide (a subscription to the Teacher Guide is £120 for access until 31 August 2023).

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    Economics for the IB Diploma by: Paul Hoang, Sean Wray, Tanusankar Chakraborty,

    Ensure full coverage of the new syllabus with this comprehensive guide written by highly experienced authors, that explores all topics through inquiry, concepts, content and contexts and their interrelationships with each other.
    – Explore economics through the nine key concepts in the new course with our newly developed acronym for a deeper and more integrated understanding of the subject.
    – Includes new integrated subtopics of Economics of the environment and Economics of inequality and poverty which helps bring to light the global challenges facing the planet today and how these can be addressed using an Economics lens.
    – Apply new skills and knowledge to everyday life with examples and case studies.
    – Foster the attributes of the lB learner profile with explicit reference made throughout, as well as TOK links for every topic.
    – Prepare for the new assessment model with exam-style questions and review questions.
    – Avoid common mistakes and aim for the best grades with expert tips and hints.


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    Economics for the IB Diploma Paper 3 Workbook by: Paul Hoang

    Reinforce and improve your student’s mathematical skills for the Paper 3 exam with this write-in workbook, including actual questions from past papers.
    Exam-style questions on each key topic, are broken down so your students can understand what the question is asking of them and what mathematical calculations they need to use.
    – Presents the questions in context of their topics for better understanding of the syllabus requirements and knowledge
    – Sets plenty of practice with exam-style questions and actual exam questions, covering all the assessment objectives, plus a mock exam at the end of the book consisting of full 25 mark questions
    – Tips and useful expert hints for exam success
    Answers are available free online at

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    Economics for the IB Diploma Revision Guide by: Paul Hoang

    Ensure students can aim for their best grade with the help of accurate and accessible notes, expert advice, and exam-style questions on each key topic.
    – Builds revision skills through a range of strategies and detailed expert advice
    – Covers all the knowledge with concise, clear explanations of all the syllabus requirements and topics
    – Demonstrates what is required to get the best grades with tips, sample questions and model answers
    Answers are free online at

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    Extended Essay for the IB Diploma: Skills for Success by: Paul Hoang, Chris Taylor, 1,741.00 1,306.00

    Build confidence in a range of key essay writing techniques and skills with this practical companion, full of advice and guidance from experienced EE experts.

    · Build essay writing techniques and skills through a range of strategies, serving as a useful companion throughout the writing process – from the development of a research question, critical-thinking, referencing and citation to reflecting on the process and final essay
    · Concise, clear explanations help you navigate the IB requirements, including advice on assessment objectives and academic honesty
    · Learn what is required to get the best EE grades and write an excellent essay with detailed examiner advice and expert tips and hints, including common mistakes to avoid
    · Explicit reference to the IB Learner profile and the importance of reflection.

    Paul Hoang is Vice Principal at Sha Tin College, English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong. He writes for Business Review, published by Philip Allan. He is a member of the editorial board for IB Review, Philip Allan’s flagship publication for the IB. Paul is the author of several publications including Economics for the IB Diploma Revision Guide (Hodder Education), IB Business Management, 3rd edn (IBID Press), IGCSE Business Studies for Edexcel (Anforme), and Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Economics (Hodder Education). He is an IB examiner and has over 10 years of experience as an IB Workshop Leader.

    Chris Taylor has taught IB history and has been an Extended Essay Coordinator, and examined the EE component of the Diploma for over 10 years. Chris authored Riding the Dragon (2013), a book that details his visits to every province in China and the culture, history and people in each of these. He is a regular contributing author of IB Review magazine, specialising in IB History and the EE. Having visited many countries, Chris is also a travel writer for the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s leading English language newspaper.