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    Biology For Cambridge Secondary 1 STAGE 9 WorkBook

    Ann Fullick, Richard Fosbery, Lawrie Ryan,

ISBN: 9781408520710

Biology For Cambridge Secondary 1 STAGE 9 WorkBook

by: Ann Fullick, Richard Fosbery, Lawrie Ryan,


  • Reinforce all Cambridge Lower Secondary learning objectives with exercises devised to support the curriculum framework and linked to the Student Book
  • Engage all learners with clear diagrams, graphs and tables
  • Track progress and offer personalized support with space for students’ responses and ‘Teacher feedback’

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Meet the Author
About This Book

author Ann Fullick Richard Fosbery, Lawrie Ryan

Science for Cambridge Secondary 1 provides complete coverage of the revised Cambridge Secondary 1 curriculum framework. The series is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

This Stage 9 Workbook has been written alongside the Science for Cambridge Secondary 1 Stage 9 Biology student book to support the Stage 9 curriculum framework. The exercises cover topics in the same order as the student book, which is referenced at the beginning of each exercise.

Your workbook contains:

  • engaging exercises that will test your knowledge of topics and help you to apply that knowledge in a variety of scientific situations
  • exercises that allow you to practise planning investigations, as well as other enquiry skills such as recording, presenting and interpreting results
  • teacher feedback boxes at the end of each exercise.

Answers to all the exercises are included on the Teacher’s CD-ROM, available separately.


ISBN: 9781408520710
SKU: 9781408520710
Publisher: Nelson Thornes Ltd 2013
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: 28