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    MARY JONES, Richard Fosbery, Dennis Taylor, Jennifer Gregory,

ISBN: 9781108859028

Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology Coursebook with Digital Access (2 Years)

by: MARY JONES, Richard Fosbery, Dennis Taylor, Jennifer Gregory,

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About This Book

Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology Coursebook with Digital Access (2 Years) Course Book By Mary Jones, Richard Fosbery, Dennis Taylor, Jennifer Gregory

Extensive research through lesson observations, teacher interviews and work with our online research community (the Cambridge Panel) means that this coursebook with digital access meets the real teaching needs of the biology classroom. Multi-part exam-style questions ensure students feel confident approaching assessment. New features provide reflection opportunities and self-evaluation checklists develop responsible learners. The coursebook provides a range of enquiry questions such as practical activities, group work and debate questions that develop 21st century skills. This resource is written to support English as a second language learners with key command terms, key words, accessible language throughout and glossary definitions in context throughout the text. The coursebook is part of a flexible suite of resources revised for examination from 2022. The series provides activities to develop and enhance students’ investigative skills, with a step-by-step approach tailored to syllabus objectives. The resources offer a large variety of active lesson ideas and practical support, which helps with differentiation and reflection.

  • How to use this book
  • Introduction
  • 1. Cell structure
  • 2. Biological molecules
  • 3. Enzymes
  • 4. Cell membranes and transport
  • 5. The mitotic cell cycle
  • 6. Nucleic acid and protein synthesis
  • 7. Transport in plants
  • 8. Transport in mammals
  • 9. Gas exchange
  • 10. Infectious diseases
  • 11. Immunity
  • P1. Practical skills for AS
  • 12. Energy and respiration
  • 13. Photosynthesis
  • 14. Homeostasis
  • 15. Control and coordination
  • 16. Inherited change
  • 17. Selection and evolution
  • 18. Classification, biodiversity and conservation
  • 19. Genetic technology
  • P2. Practical skills for A Level
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Acknowledgements.

ISBN: 9781108859028
SKU: 9781108859028
Publish Date: March 2020
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