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    Sudha Mahesh

ISBN: 9781107680128

I Did It Mathematics Students Book grade 3 With Cd-Rom

by: Sudha Mahesh

Key Features Overview to help teachers develop comprehensive lesson plans You know for refreshing the concepts learnt earlier Maths Lab Activities to intrigue and fascinate children Worked Examples for better understanding of mathematical concepts Exercise after each topic for practice and learning FA and SA for CCE Mental Maths questions to teach children how to do calculations quickly HOTS questions to hone higher order thinking skills Problem Solving to develop skills for applying mathematics in day-to-day life Vocabulary learnt to learn mathematical terminologies used in the chapter Additional teacher support material available at www.cambridgeindia.org About the Book: New I Did It Mathematics Students Book with CD ROM (Level 3) New I Did It Mathematics is a carefully-graded andactivity-based 9-level mathematics series for school children. Thisis a completely updated edition of the earlier series by the samename. The aim of this series is to make learning of mathematics athoroughly enjoyable experience. This series has been prepared in accordance with the latestNCERT syllabus and also conforms to the vision of the NationalCurriculum Framework (2005). This series is fully compliant withthe requirements of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).An interactive CD ROM has been provided with each book to enhancestudents interest, knowledge and experience in learningmathematics. The accompanying theme-based CD ROM contains Quick revision Interactive exercises Games and Puzzles Assessment Chapter summary Contents Overview Preface 1. Patterns 2. Numerals 3. Place Value Summative Assessment 1 4. Addition 5. Subtraction 6. Multiplication Summative Assessment 2 7. Division 8. Fractions Summative Assessment 3 9. Shapes 10. Measurement 11. Time 12. Money order by title, sub_title

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I Did It Mathematics Students Book grade 3 With Cd-Roby Sudha Mahesh


ISBN: 9781107680128
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