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    Mathematical Studies Standard Level for the IB Diploma Coursebook

    Kwame Dwamena, Caroline Meyrick,

ISBN: 9781107691407

Mathematical Studies Standard Level for the IB Diploma Coursebook

by: Kwame Dwamena, Caroline Meyrick,
  • A GDC-dedicated chapter covers the step-by-step processes for using the Texas and Casio calculators in the place of traditional mathematical methods.
  • Chapter openers explain why the topic matters in the real world.
  • The narrative is broken up into short, manageable-sized chunks and is written in plain English, making the key concepts clear and easy to understand.
  • Progressive and repetitive exercises use a combination of routine ‘drill’ questions and application-related questions; they are written in the style of the IB’s short-answer and longer-answer questions.
  • There are numerous worked examples that include methods using GDC.
  • There are feature boxes for the following aspects of the syllabus: Theory of Knowledge, Internationalism, and Applications, as well as general hints with a special note when the hint is exam-specific.
  • Key point panels highlight key things or formulas to remember.
  • Exam and Exam-style questions provide lots of exam practice.

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Meet the Author
KWAME DWAMENA is a Mathematics teacher at luton sixth from college. he has been teaching both IB and a level mathematics (COR AND EDEXCEL) for the past 14 years.
About This Book

Mathematical Studies Standard Level for the IB Diploma Coursebook  By Caroline Meyrick,Kwame Dwamena

This highly illustrated coursebook follows the structure of the new syllabus for mathematical studies standard level for the ib diploma, making it easy to ensure full coverage of all topics.

The significance of mathematics for modelling and practical applications is a prominent theme throughout, helping to emphasise the importance of mathematics to the real world.

Worked examples provide stage by stage written solution with associated thought processes, encouraging good practice whilst also providing learning support. They also include GDC screenshots, where appropriate, to confirm what the student should expect to see on their calculator. Detailed methods for the CASIO and TEXAS GSCs are provided within a self contained chapter so that they do not distract from the core content, but provide sufficient support for those students who might need it.

The coursebook finishes with a chapter on the internal assessment offering general advice on how to start, structure and finish the project.


ISBN: 9781107691407
SKU: 9781107691407
Publish Date: 2013
Page Count: 760